Coaching or Therapy ??

For people who believe that ..
can be better

and for people who want
to step up, change and lift their game,

We can help to improve your life

New science – new thinking..

Neuroscience  & Psychology have led to the rise of a number of mindpower processes and, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis bring a new era of change to our thinking.

Good vs bad ?

Life brings us constant change, some of it good and some of it badHowever –  ‘good’ or bad’ is subjective and very much dependant on our current situation. Recognising this and becoming aware of how we react is a major part of taking control. 

Our thinking can be conscious, and through neuroplasticity, it can even make changes to our brain structure. Helping us find a lot more happiness and productivity in our lives

Life sometimes feels like it needs more direction..

    • Life not quite working to plan?
    • Have some annoying habits, addictions
      you want to shake, get some direction?
    • Feeling stuck, procrastinating?
    • Wanting to relate better and enjoy life more?…….
    • Need life coaching?

Through NLP coaching you can……

  • Using proven neuroscience techniques to rapidly change!
  • Give yourself purpose in life, goals,
  • let go of procrastination,
  • deal with depression, insomnia,
  • rid yourself of bad habits (smoking, eating, compulsive tendencies),
  • gain motivation and deal with life’s difficulties.
  • Improve business motivation, relationship values, learning abilities and change your life to go forward with purpose and enjoyment.

What's the process?

So why haven't you?...

We help you ensure you have a purpose for life, a vision, good values, goals along the way and then help build a clear attitude and confidence to get there.

Using a combination of life skills, countless clients experience, work skills, psychology, NLP and hypnosis techniques we work with you to identify focus and direction and coach changes to help you live an easier life..

The greatest barrier to any change is inaction. We seem to be paralysed by choices (or the lack of them!). Maybe this is how you feel in your life? – the biggest thing holding most of us back is simply making a decision to take action!!


“Do or do not… there is no try..” (Yoda)

Our programs are all designed to help you make your life easier.
We don’t do any magic on you, hypnosis does not create super-powers (unfortunately),
However what we will do is provide strong professional guidance to help you achieve maximum benefit out of this wonderful life we are all given…

Using NLP for Business Growthbriefcase

Coaching using NLP for business is a method for providing the best for your team and getting the best out of your corporate team.

High performing teams, performance coaching, sales strategies and corporate values alignment can all add value to the bottom line.

What can I expect?

Most prospective clients are curious and ask how their coaching and/or hypnotherapy sessions will work.

There are no absolute formulas. Every client comes in with individual issues and particular needs and desires, and thus receives individualised (or team) coaching – we just guide you to your own best abilities and attitude.

Through the powerful process of NLP and  sometimes hypnosis we ensure you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible .


Some common worries and questions that people have on clinical hypnotherapy:
  • It is NOT like a stage show or performance art – that is entertainment – you will NOT feel asleep, in fact, you will have ultimate control over your behaviours and create for you – the desire to improve. We are merely guides along the way.
  • We help you become very comfortable with the process of entering and experiencing verbal or induced trance.
  • You will find that hypnosis is extremely relaxing, refreshing, and energizing, and you will feel a change in yourself after the very first session.


Gary is truly passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I have had a few NLP sessions with him and the results are immediate. I felt that I was overindulging in alcohol at times and that this was negatively affecting my weight loss efforts. After just one session on this topic my attitudes and behaviours are completely different. I only want to drink alcohol in moderation. I have a strong desire to cut back on alcohol for health reasons and so when I do feel like a glass, that’s all I feel like, just 1 glass. Once I’ve had that one glass of wine with my meal I do not want to order any more and feel very satisfied.
Food Distributor
CONFIDENCE “We just talked about stuff and he helped me build my confidence by giving me some thoughts and ideas to give me power and help me through my entrance exam. He even did some hypnosis where I just closed my eyes and imagined finishing the exam and being happy. It happened just as he said and I felt great!”
Ash - 13
“I recently had a coaching session with Gary... At that stage I was feeling really overwhelmed, and scared, as a property investor who has recently got caught out by the credit crunch (2008). He helped me through a series of questions, techniques and some hypnotherapy to gain some new insights and possibilities for the financial crisis that I had. The sessions renewed my courage to face the problem again – and help me to understand my lessons and look for possibilities. It gave me the much needed clarity to make decisions again. Gary even set me some tasks to complete as a starting point which compelled me to take action! I would wholeheartedly recommend Gary and his NLP skills who anyone who are seeking courage and clarity to make some headways with any concerns.
Property Developer
“….I would like to extend our thanks for your presentation on Friday at our National conference. The team are buzzing with new enthusiasm and, as this was a new angle on sales for them I have had a couple express interest in learning more about NLP and its place in the sales process……… it is great you are involved with a forward thinking organization who recognize the value of sharing our knowledge. It certainly has contributed to building a stronger sales team at the YMCA and fits well with our tag line ‘we build strong kids, strong families, strong communities’. Again, thank you for the time and effort taken.
Kerry Lynn
Membership Manager YMCA
“Sometimes just talking through issues and clarifying the real issue takes care of so much worry. Identifying my purpose in life gave me the energy and direction I now get out of bed each day with renewed focus!!”
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DIET ISSUES: "I am so grateful for Gary’s help and am definitely going to be having more sessions around diet and setting work goals.”
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