Sometimes, you only need to be shown where to climb

Neuroscience &  Psychology  combine to create powerful  processes and tools helping us think and feel better.  


NLP & hypnosis together with mindful and practical common sense to give direction, support and a better life




Talk to a trained counsellor, be heard and understood. Through exploring issues and understanding, simple techniques and processes will help you to simply sit up from where you are and see the world better


You feel good, most of life is going well, but you need to take the next step. Reduce procrastination, get clear on goals, direction and purpose, create powerful habits and hold yourself accountable.

addiction support

Reduce the impact of addictions in your life with clear programmes, step by step plans and accountability to lift your self back to where you want to be

what do you want?

  • Life not quite working to plan?
  • Frustrated with some annoying habits, irritating thinking?
  • Want to remove or reduce unwanted addictions? i.e. smoking, excessive drink, food, porn, social behaviours
  • Feeling stuck, procrastinating? Need motivation?
  • Wanting to relate better, have better energy
  • Be happy and grateful
  • Earn more, get more value
  • Need a coach? Accountability? Be better?

where to?

Life needs a little direction, but even then sometimes it can be overwhelming!

work with me

With a background in Psychology, a Masters in NLP, Diploma in Hypnosis, qualified counsellor, master speaker and a successful business mentor – I am well qualified to apply the skills needed.

However the degree and qualifications are not the key here – what is important is how relaxed and easy you feel it is to work with me and get supported (and pushed) to live a better life. 


what I do

1. Understand where you are, 

2. Find where you want to go and, 

3. help get you there 


Client sessions