About Us


  • Bsc – Psychology | IT
  • Diploma Management
  • Strategic Leadership certificate
  • Master NLP Practitioner, / Hypnotherapist
  • Performance Consultant,
  • Business coach,
  • Certified Youthline Mentor and counsellor
  • Toastmaster & Past President
  • GTD trained
  • owner of a number of businesses.

Gary Walker is Life-coach, business mentor & Performance Consultant.

Combining over 35 years experience in Senior Strategic Leadership, Sales, Marketing & Management roles for international organisations and Government.

With a background in Psychology, a Masters in NLP, Diploma in Hypnosis, qualified counsellor, master speaker and a successful business mentor – I am well qualified to apply the skills needed.

I use these skills to provide direction, purpose and coaching with practical exercises to boost performance!

However the degree and qualifications are not the key here – what is important is how relaxed and easy you feel it is to work with me and get supported (and pushed) to live a better life.

About Change Inc.

Change Inc. (Change Incorporated) is all about how we can incorporate change into our lives and be ok with it. 

The company formed in 2004  and since then has seen hundreds of clients, organisations and delivered a number of projects. 

In 2016 it was included as a member of the G2S group of companies. It was renamed from ChangeLife, to include other programs for small and large corporate clients. These include coaching, training and public speaking support