Using NLP for Business Growth

Coaching using NLP for business is a method for providing the best for your team and getting the best out of your corporate team.

High performing teams, performance coaching, sales strategies and corporate values alignment can all add value to the bottom line.

  • Values Alignment
  • Instant Rapport and learning Body language
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Creating High Performance Teams. 
  • Better Sales Strategies (Using NLP in Sales Workshop)
  • Better Closing Techniques

Better rapport and interpersonal dynamics – improve relationships for better results.

  • Better communication with customers – better service levels
  • Learn some NLP  language patterns in communication for better sales and closing techniques.
  • Improved daily habits, strategies, work processes and focus.
  • Stress Management and personal Growth improved

Better engagement 

  • Values Elicitation and Alignment
  • Understanding  Meta-Communication styles (whats really being communicated)
  • Coaching and guidance for maximising High Performance Teams
  •  Learning how to read people and  increase Rapport for better communication
  •  Holding effective meetings



This 2-3 hour workshop is ideal for improving the effectiveness of your sales teams and providing a fun, practical way of how you can use NLP to build better relationships, ask better questions and really get the sales you want!
Learn why and how to use "the right questions" to achieve the best decisions.

Fun and practical, interactive and definitely mind-expanding”…   YMCA

Public Speaking

If you really want a communication boost – consider running a confidence and presentation program. STORYSELLING.CO.NZ


Improve communication - both within the organisation and with customers. Often the values of the organisation do not match that of the individuals and this mis-alignment can not only slow progress but also hinders communication. Align values, get buy-in and improve how staff and management and customers can relate to each other. This alone will improve productivity and the bottom line. This is done via a workshop session with staff and senior staff to ensure communication and alignment across the board.