One toe at a time..

Worry…? It’s been said that out of every 10 worries we have in our lives…. 3 cannot be changed anyway (so why worry..?) 6 will never eventuate (so why worry..?) ….and so we should work on changing our attitude and state of mind to deal with the 1 remaining! Rather – enjoy the journey.. We… Read More »One toe at a time..

Using NLP to improve sales Workshop

Course Outline Learn how to use NLP techniques to understand buyers & improve outcomes. 1. RELATIONSHIP Its not a product or service you are selling – it’s the relationship! Build trust and then provide the options to grow…. 2. BUILDING RAPPORT The right intention, state and having great rapport with body language – with flexibility and sensory acuity makes all the difference… 3. SELL… Read More »Using NLP to improve sales Workshop


I’ll look up the word tomorrow……. What can taking ACTION  do for you, today? “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.”  – Arnold Glasow   It is amazing how quickly an idea can turn into exceptional results by just being courageous enough to take a… Read More »Procrastination?