One toe at a time..


It’s been said that out of every 10 worries we have in our lives….
3 cannot be changed anyway (so why worry..?)
6 will never eventuate (so why worry..?)
….and so we should work on changing our attitude and state of mind to deal with the 1 remaining!

Rather – enjoy the journey..

We spend so much time concerned with the baggage of the past, what has been ‘done before’ and plenty of time – dreaming of the future.
We should be enjoying the present – taking our learnings from the past and setting our direction on the future…

So why haven’t you?….
The greatest barrier to any change is inaction.
We seem to be paralysed by choices (or the lack of them!). Maybe this is how you feel in your life? – the biggest thing holding most of us back is simply making a decision to take action!!

So how do I start?
One toe at a time…
If the analogy of being stuck is like being in the middle of a shallow lake – you could go in any direction, but seem to be paralyzed by

  • Too many choices (which shore do I head towards?)
  • Fear of the unknown (there may be sharp stones that way!)
  • Laziness ( oh well – it’s nice here, I’ll just wait for a boat..)


Simply be a movement – the smallest one….!

  • The trick is to start moving – one toe at a time, feeling for rocks, heading to a shore
    (and at least exercising whilst you wait for a boat.. Laughing )