Coaching & Counselling

Our most commonly asked question. Each of us has a different purpose and it is only when we ask this question do we come close to recognising the answer.

This is much debated – and very personal. Common themes run through most of the outcomes to the question and once you have your purpose clear – the rest of your life seems to fall into place……   it becomes easy…

Getting the most out of life

Our programs are all designed to help you make your life easier.

We don’t do any magic on you, hypnosis does not create super-powers (unfortunately), however what we will do is provide strong professional guidance to help you achieve maximum benefit out of this wonderful life we are all given…

What is our purpose in life ?

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entrepreneur, startup, start-upThe greatest athletes and achievers on the planet have Coaches.
Why should you miss out on the advantage?
A Personal Coaching Program is tailored to meet your own unique needs and help you get total clarity and laser like focus on achieving your GOALS.
The program uses a blend of face to face, telephone and/or on-line coaching sessions to get what you want out of life.
Whether you have a specific personal goal, work project or business objective – a Personal Coach will accelerate your achievement 
Do you truly want to take your CHANGE to the next level and achieve your dreams?
Dealing with bad habits, depressing behaviours, weight issues or just stuck?
A one on one, face to face session will help you breakthrough any limiting issue in your life so that you can achieve the freedom, personal power and true abundance you deserve.
This is a powerful and intense investment in you and the CHANGE you want in your life.
Change limiting beliefs, stop bad eating habits, get rid of phobias and put the pain of the past behind you.. creating a new attitude and desire.
We spend a lot of time at work creating team values and setting goals, so why shouldn’t we do this for our personal relationships. Too often we never spend any real time invested in the person most important to us and too many people wonder why relationships then fail.
What about when you have issues? Or just want to make it fantastic?
We need to check in on the parts of a relationship that to see how we are doing.. and not just when things are tough – but also to build great communication and understanding.
The Relationship Workshop™ will show where things need to be fixed, tweaked, removed and sometimes given more attention. Men like to have an action plan – to fix things whereas women want to understand and be understood.
 Values alignment, goal setting, understanding love languages, understanding body language and better communication – will help you discover and develop the secret to creating a truly magical relationship.
Book your session now to undertake a Relationship Workshop™ and revitalise or repair your togetherness…..
couple, love, romanceWhether you are in a relationship or want to create the perfect one – we can help.
Yes, creating the ideal relationship is possible – you merely have to know what you want.

The most common issue around this is recognising that you often get what you expect! (so expect more and with clarity)

Or maybe you want to just get others to like you…..get people to like you by understanding THEM better. We can teach you how to read people’s body language, their eyes, and help build rapport and improve your communication completely.