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  • 1:1 Coaching


    1:1 Online or physical session – coaching or counselling as needed to progress

    Duration : 55 MIN

  • digital art, artwork, together

    Couple’s Guidance – Relationship Workshop


    Online or Face to Face. Staged process of exploration

    • Think about whats brought you here, your triggers, and what you want
    • Feel how it feels to find common ground and future aspirations.
    • Leave with better communication with good goals and positive habits.

    DURATION : 2 Hrs

  • Just Simplify


    Easy to read 30 page e-book with hints, tips and processes to create a simplified life


  • Starter Coaching session (online)


    After an initial information upload,  we cover a lot in a short time

    • Your current situation, where you want to be
    • What you have done in the past &  what success would look like
    • Short process introduction
    • Next steps

    DURATION 30 Mins

  • children, elderly, families

    Support for Pro-Bono work


    Support another client who cannot afford a session (ie deprived, youth, charity, pro bono work)