Strategic Goal Setting

Goalsetting / New Year Resolutions

Ok so you set your goals for 2012……

Many New Years resolutions start off strong but where are they?

…….Did you set any goals?

We all set our resolutions with good intent but habits and behaviours quickly outweigh intention and knowledge of what we need to do…(don’t they?)

Is procrastination your best friend? Do you know why?

Often the simple reason is that we do not have a purpose in life or goals that are specific and actionable and so we wander around aimlessly – shuffling paper and pretending to be more busy than we really are….

Sit down and create a plan using a method guaranteed to get you going and on track. Whether you do this on your own or get in touch to get us to help you – you need to do it.

Our goal setting 90 minute session will help you set your life goals, your values and help create specific goals for you by using standard templates to help you create the best year of your life. Most importantly we will use the the power of hypnotic thought and vision to embed the goals to give you action!! For more information and to book a session contact us.