Drinking habit?

  “Gary is truly passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I have had a few NLP sessions with him and the results are immediate. I felt that I was overindulging in alcohol at times and that this was negatively affecting my weight loss efforts. After just one session on this topic my attitudes and… Read More »Drinking habit?

Overwhelmed and scared

 “I recently had a coaching session with Gary at Change Inc.  At that stage I was feeling really overwhelmed, and scared, as a property investor who has recently got caught out by the credit crunch.  He helped me through a series of questions, techniques and some hypnotherapy to gain some new insights and possibilities for… Read More »Overwhelmed and scared

Whats my purpose?

“Sometimes just talking through issues and clarifying the real issue takes care of so much worry. Identifying my purpose in life gave me the energy and direction I now get out of bed each day with renewed focus!!” Kerry