Waking up each day with Purpose & Plan

My morning Routine

    1. Exercise (10+min of breathing, stretching and moving!) (set routine – see later blog)
    2. Visualise and be grateful for all that i am, have, done and do:  (10mins)
      • me
      • people around me
      • experiences
      • Visualise and step into
      • my goals for


  • health
  • finances
  • Relationships
  • experiences


  1. Meditate (from 5-30mins depending on the schedule)
  2. Mantra
    • “i am lean, keen & growing being”
      • Lean: ideal physical state – healthy, trim, toned and flexible
      • Keen: Right attitude – open to experiences, non judgemental, enthusiastic & committed
      • Growing: Expanding in all areas – Growing wealth, happiness for me and others, love, kindness, experiences, presence
  3. Review and plan for the day
    • my to do list
    • my diary
    • goals and next actions
  4. Take some action!