Wheel of life – how do you roll?

So how do you roll? 

How balanced is your life?

The wheel of life model has been used in many coaching courses and sometimes has 3, 5, 8 or even more life areas that you can measure how your life is going and where you need to focus.

Generally these include some format around health, wealth and relationships as ‘spokes’ in the wheel.

My format is a subtle variation on these traditional models and adds 2 key elements to the ‘spokes’.

Core: – Your key connection to this world/ your spirit

The Tyre: Growth and learning. 

so how well does your wheel roll… is it smooth or bumpy?

  • Are all areas of your life equal in size and happiness?
  • Are there areas to work on to smooth your glide through life?
  • For example : Some people are super wealthy but unhealthy or super healthy but at a cost to a relationship?

How connected do you feel? 

  •  Improve connection (our soul, our core being) and

How big is the wheel?

  •  Pump our tyres (growth and learning) 
  • How are you growing
Perhaps you could undertake the WOL quiz and see where you are.?

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